General information for the STRONG BODY-HEALTY LIFE Erasmus Project

July 7, 2020 12:00 am

Project Title


Project Key Action

This project related with these key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project Action Type

This project related with this action type : Strategic Partnerships for school education

Project Call Year

This project’s Call Year is 2014

Project Topics

This project is related with these Project Topics: Access for disadvantaged; Early School Leaving / combating failure in education; Health and wellbeing

Project Summary

The intention of the Project with the countries involved (TR, PL, BG, RO ) is to promote students’ awareness of a healthier lifestyle regarding eating habits and sports activities. They also learn how to develop and market an economic product.
Nowadays (young) people all across Europe eat a lot of fast food and lead sedentary lives due to overuse of technological devices, thus becoming unfit, more obese, and with an increasing tendency to become ill. It’s a main objective of the project to foster nourishment information and healthy tasty dishes for young people in every partner school so that each can benefit from the experience during the project and afterwards and school canteens can change their menus according to the project results. Starting from the students favorite dishes the students, after analyzing the nutrition facts, develop healthy tasty alternatives based on their shared national favorites. Those new creations they photograph, describe and present in an infobook from teenagers for teenagers and on the internet.
In combination with the meals the students develop an international fitness-circle based on the favorite sports/fitness exercises of the participating countries and students. The newly created exercises and their presentation in photos and descriptions created by their age group (book) and on the web shall get students interested in starting exercising. Web presentation is crucial, for the computer is the students favorite free time activity. Here they shall be picked up and be coaxed into sportivity.
Development of foreign languages and ICT tools, private-public partnership with NGOs and other private establishments, involving all group of participants which are experienced in the field of the project and also unexperienced, disadvantaged, social excluded, creating a so far singular product (infobook for healthier life for students) and creating marketing strategies selling the book for real (design, fair) are the strategy of our project.
There are 4 schools from 4 different countries and there will be 64 mobilities of teachers and 64 mobilities for students + 16 accompanying teachers; in February 2015 in Bulgaria and in February 2016 in Romania it will be hold Learning/Teaching/Training Activities for 5 day with the participate of the 8 pupils from every school.
The key objectives,expected results and impact of the project are
-to improve the knowledge about healthy nourishment and physical activities in daily routine of students in ten European partner schools,
-to enhance the students understanding for and liking of healthy food alternatives and sport activities.
– to enable the students to develop an economic product (info book) and to merchandise it.
– to increase the students’ awareness of the connection between bad eating habits, lack of exercise and health these topics will be addressed by teachers in biology, nutrition and physical education lessons. Here also the topic of obesity will be addressed.
– to make the general school public aware of the necessity of healthy nourishment the ongoing process, recipes and health tips will be made available for everybody on internet platforms and social networks.
– The school canteens will change their menus according to the results of the project and plan special days with dishes of the partner schools.
-By setting up an international fitness circle we try to make the students aware of the connection between health and exercise and the necessity of including sports activities in their daily lives.
– By introducing widely unknown special national sports activities from the partner countries we try to overcome the lack of enthusiasm for including exercises in their daily lives.
– By combining the national sports activities a sport circle is created which able to deliver full body workout for eager students. The circle is set up in such a way that single exercises can be taken out for a five minutes exercise thus doable for everyone in a short break.
– marketing, sponsoring, sale = intro in business world
We are four partner in this project and we will include 700 students 40 teachers families and some other establishments.
Every school has common tasks and some specific tasks to follow on. We ill have four project meeting during two years. There are different sub-topics for every meeting. Schools will do the definite activities for their whole pupils and choose some of the pupils to participate at meeting of the project. During this time SEN students will also be included in the activities. In the meeting time the schedule will be applied. After the meeting dissemination activities will be done. In the beginning of the project start activities will be done by every partner. At the end of the project end activities will be held and project will be completed. We have also durable activity plan to provide sustainable impact for our beneficiary.

EU Grant (Eur)

Funding of the project from EU: 127050 Eur

Project Coordinator


Project Partners

  • “St.St. Kiril and Metodiy” High school
  • Fundatia Ecologica Green
  • Diecezjalne Liceum Humanistyczne w Nysie