AduLt Learners SOcial and life skills enhancement program for increased competitivity in 2020 labour market Erasmus Project

General information for the AduLt Learners SOcial and life skills enhancement program for increased competitivity in 2020 labour market Erasmus Project

AduLt Learners SOcial and life skills enhancement program for increased competitivity in 2020 labour market  Erasmus Project
July 7, 2020 12:00 am

Project Title

AduLt Learners SOcial and life skills enhancement program for increased competitivity in 2020 labour market

Project Key Action

This project related with these key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project Action Type

This project related with this action type : Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Project Call Year

This project’s Call Year is 2018

Project Topics

This project is related with these Project Topics: Social/environmental responsibility of educational institutions; Cooperation between educational institutions and business; ICT – new technologies – digital competences

Project Summary

According to the 2107 World Economic forum Report, with regard to the overall scale of demand for various skills in 2020, 36% of all jobs across all industries are expected to require complex problem-solving, social skills —such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others— will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills. Beyond hard skills and formal qualifications, in fact, employers are often concerned about the lack of transversal competences that current employees (or prospective new hires) needed to perform various tasks successfully.

Main objective of the ALLsoSKILLED project is to develop and test an all-in-one learning program to help adults learners in strengthening soft skills while raising their awareness on the importance of lifelong learning possibilities, thus increasing their motivation for improvement and enhancing their employability skills in the process. The program aims at equipping adult learners with more than 35 year of age, in building up the ability to deal with change, and act with a critical and responsible stance.

Raising the skills and competences of adults significantly contributes to achieving the strategic objectives of Europe 2020, as reflected in the policy cycle of the European Semester. In order to set a positive practice with the ALLsoSKILLED project itself, the partners will involve a large number trainers and employers, to ensure that the results of the project will stay available and relevant for a greater number of users in Europe.

The necessity of acquiring new skills in the era of globalisation and rapid technological changes are bringing about important shifts in the way education can analyse and monitor the labour markets and in educations systems. This is resulting in the need for develop partnership between education and training providers, research institutions and cultural actors to support innovation and to increase employability and to make education and training more relevant to the world of work.
The 6 partners involved in the project represent a wide range of European diversity, as they are situated in different areas of Europe (PL, IT, GR, LT, TR, SE), they represent a variety of organizations but also socio-economical contexts (towns of different sizes, economical life and culture) and most of all have different expertise and stakeholders and audience with different backgrounds and needs.

The partnership will promote people’s RIGHT TO ACCESS SERVICES they need to re-engage in training thus preventing social exclusion. In this respect, the project makes a direct contribution to the 1st pillar of the “European Pillar of Social Rights in 20 principles”. (Education, training and life-long learning offering a way to engage and motivate adult learners to increase their basic and transversal skills in order to enable them to participate fully in society and manage successfully transitions in the labour market).

The unemployed and job seekers can also take advantage of the products and training, as they provide a standardised method to foster employability skills and improvement. Whether education is provided in the classroom or an interactive content, adult teachers/ trainers need to learn new techniques and methods to let the learners get the maximum benefit for their learning experience, and most of all, need to learn how to compensate fast changing labour market/society’s needs with slow moving education systems. Professionals need to know how to define the best blends among online, offline, on-demand, experiential, face-to-face activities to increase participants learning possibilities, and, most of all, allowing learners to control their own timing and schedule.

EU Grant (Eur)

Funding of the project from EU: 192690,25 Eur

Project Coordinator

Gmina Przygodzice & Country: PL

Project Partners