As Project Experts : Unlocking Opportunities with EU External Action (RELEX) Programme Grants and Funds

As Project Experts : Unlocking Opportunities with EU External Action (RELEX) Programme Grants and Funds
August 12, 2023 3:10 pm | Last Update: July 8, 2023 3:18 pm


For project experts passionate about driving positive change on a global scale, the European Union (EU) offers a remarkable avenue through its External Action (RELEX) Programme grants and funds. Designed to promote peace, stability, and sustainable development beyond EU borders, these funding opportunities empower project experts to make a tangible impact. In this article, we will explore the EU External Action (RELEX) Programme grants and funds, focusing on the priorities and goals of the programme, the range of topics for project proposals, and the process of submitting proposals.

Understanding the EU External Action (RELEX) Programme

The EU External Action (RELEX) Programme is a comprehensive framework that encompasses foreign policy, development cooperation, humanitarian aid, democracy support, and conflict prevention. With a strong commitment to global engagement, the programme aims to foster peace, stability, and prosperity worldwide through diplomatic efforts, development assistance, and partnerships with international actors.

Priorities and Goals of the Programme

To align your project proposal with the EU External Action (RELEX) Programme, it is important to understand its key priorities and goals. While these may vary depending on the specific funding instrument, the overarching objectives include:

Promoting Sustainable Development: The programme seeks projects that contribute to sustainable development, addressing poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation. Emphasis is placed on initiatives that prioritize social inclusion, economic growth, access to quality education, healthcare, clean energy, and resilient infrastructure.

Enhancing Governance and Democracy: The EU values projects that support good governance, democracy, and the rule of law. Focus areas may include strengthening democratic institutions, promoting human rights, fostering gender equality, empowering civil society, improving public administration, and enhancing accountability and transparency.

Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention: The programme prioritizes initiatives that contribute to peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and post-conflict recovery. Projects may aim to address the root causes of conflicts, support peace processes, foster dialogue and reconciliation, promote disarmament and non-violence, and assist communities affected by crises.

Topics for Project Proposals

The EU External Action (RELEX) Programme provides funding opportunities for a wide range of topics. While the specific priorities may vary depending on the funding instrument and regional focus, some common areas of interest include:

Education and Skills Development: Projects promoting inclusive and quality education, vocational training, capacity building, and knowledge exchange to empower individuals and communities.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Initiatives that focus on sustainable agricultural practices, access to nutritious food, rural development, and supporting small-scale farmers.

Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability: Projects addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation, renewable energy, conservation of natural resources, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable management of ecosystems.

Health and Well-being: Proposals targeting improvements in healthcare systems, disease prevention, access to essential medicines, and strengthening healthcare infrastructure, particularly in underserved areas.

Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution: Initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue, reconciliation, peace education, conflict prevention, and support for post-conflict communities.

Democratic Governance and Human Rights: Projects fostering democratic processes, promoting human rights, supporting electoral systems, strengthening civil society organizations, and enhancing the participation of marginalized groups.

How to Submit a Project Proposal for RELEX Programme

To submit a project proposal for EU External Action (RELEX) Programme funding, follow these general steps:

Identify the Relevant Call for Proposals: Visit the EU’s funding portal (e.g., the “Funding and Tender Opportunities” portal) to find the specific call for proposals related to your project’s focus area. Review the guidelines and eligibility criteria thoroughly.

Understand the Application Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the application requirements, including the specific format, documentation, and budget considerations. Ensure your proposal aligns with the priorities outlined in the call for proposals.

Develop a Compelling Project Proposal: Craft a well-structured proposal that clearly defines the project’s objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, target beneficiaries, and sustainability plans. Emphasize the innovative aspects and added value of your project.

Prepare the Supporting Documentation: Gather all required supporting documents, such as a detailed budget, work plan, CVs of key project personnel, partnership agreements (if applicable), and any other requested materials.

Submit the Proposal: Complete the application form as per the provided guidelines and upload all required documents through the designated submission platform within the specified deadline. Retain a record of the submission confirmation and any reference numbers provided.


The EU External Action (RELEX) Programme grants and funds provide an incredible opportunity for project experts to contribute to global development and address pressing challenges. By aligning proposals with the programme’s priorities and goals, project experts can leverage these funding opportunities to make a lasting impact. Whether focusing on sustainable development, governance, peacebuilding, or other key areas, project proposals can address a wide range of topics. By following the submission guidelines and crafting a compelling proposal, project experts can increase their chances of securing funding and play an instrumental role in shaping a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.


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