CHAISE turns one – What did we achieve this past year?

CHAISE turns one – What did we achieve this past year?
November 5, 2021 2:07 pm

It has been one year since the CHAISE project has been launched with the purpose to address the blockchain skills gap in Europe. In this article, CHAISE Coordinator Prof. Parisa Ghodous from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 tells us what the partnership has achieved within the last year and what’s coming next.

The first year of the CHAISE project implementation was very productive, with the partnership reaching its first objectives and milestones. During the first semester, the partnership focused on developing a thorough research strategy, based on multiple data sources and research methodologies, as well as involving numerous experts and representatives from the private, public, research and policy sectors. The first semester allowed to complete the blockchain labour market analysis and skills intelligence gathering activities, resulting in the demarcation of the Blockchain ecosystem and a comprehensive documentation of the existing demand and supply of Blockchain technical and non-technical skills. In addition, drawing on labour market evidence, the partnership sketched the profile of the emerging Blockchain Professionals in the European market; namely the Blockchain Architect, the Blockchain Developer and the Blockchain Manager. Read our studies and reports here.

The above have been instrumental to the accomplishment of the project objectives, as they provide the informed basis for the formulation of a European Skills Development Strategy – to be published in March 2022 – that will tackle the prevailing skills shortages and respond to the current and future skill needs of the European Blockchain workforce.

In parallel, the partnership has already started working on the design of a model to forecast the demand and supply of Blockchain Professionals on the basis of macro-environment (mega trends) and sector-specific trends.

I hope you enjoy our work and I would like to invite you to check our website regularly for new reports and insights, to follow us on social media or contact us directly for more information.

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Prof. Parisa Ghodous

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