Die Kinder von EUROPIA – Schule-Arbeit-Leben in 100 Jahren Erasmus Project

General information for the Die Kinder von EUROPIA – Schule-Arbeit-Leben in 100 Jahren Erasmus Project

Die Kinder von EUROPIA – Schule-Arbeit-Leben in 100 Jahren Erasmus Project
August 8, 2023 8:08 am | Last Update: August 7, 2023 9:21 am

Project Title

Die Kinder von EUROPIA – Schule-Arbeit-Leben in 100 Jahren

Project Key Action

This project related with these key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project Action Type

This project related with this action type : Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

Project Call Year

This project’s Call Year is 2015

Project Topics

This project is related with these Project Topics: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy; Access for disadvantaged; New innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses

Project Summary

In mid-September 2017 we successfully completed our project “The Children of Europia” with 7 schools from 6 countries.
All the activities and meetings were harmonious, professional and very collegial and appreciative.
This is certainly not least because some of the coordinators have already successfully worked together in previous projects and had already established close personal relationships. In the current project this has deepened.
Due to the clear planning and organization in the run-up, all planned work could be processed with high quality and the project milestones could be achieved in a timely manner.
For students as well as the teachers the participation in the project was exciting and enriching, which also clearly showed in the regularly conducted evaluations.
For the students with special needs the project was even more a very special experience. Thanks to the project, they had the opportunity to gain completely new experiences and moments of sucess and pride, which will last the well beyond the duration of the project, and this has already spread to the class and school community during the project period.
The content and thematic organization of the milestones (art and music, science, technology and work, society and democracy) was varied and highly interesting and consisted of a coherent overall picture.
This was also reflected in our joint book “The Children of Europia” and our project song “We are Europia”, which immediately became a “superhit” for everybody which was sung regularly (together with other songs) and even performed in public. That is why at this point we did not write another song about children’s rights and we worked on this topic in a different way.
The only further change to the planned project activities was the flashmob planned in the French public. This had to be omitted because of the security situation in France.
We were very pleased with the public’s interest in our project. Already at the very first coordinator meeting a TV team appeared and interviewed the project manager, the local coordinator and some students. This continued in all countries. Numerous contributions to newspapers and on television made the public aware of the project, partly on a regional, sometimes over-regional basis, whereby our project homepage (www.europia100.de) proved itself as a central information medium internationally.
Here, all the information and results have been published and the website will remain in the public for years to come.

The most important finding: EUROPIA and thus – EUROPE – can only work TOGETHER!

EU Grant (Eur)

Funding of the project from EU: 151550 Eur

Project Coordinator

IGS-Rheinzabern & Country: DE

Project Partners

  • Sredno obshtoobrazovatelno uchilishte Hristo Botev
  • Nardini-Schule
  • S:t Iliansskolan
  • Shire Oak Academy
  • Music School of Arta