General information for the DIFFERENT STARS OF THE SAME STAGE Erasmus Project

July 7, 2020 12:00 am

Project Title


Project Key Action

This project related with these key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project Action Type

This project related with this action type : Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

Project Call Year

This project’s Call Year is 2016

Project Topics

This project is related with these Project Topics: Key Competences (incl. mathematics and literacy) – basic skills; Creativity and culture; EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy

Project Summary

The European Union is currently facing one the biggest crises in its history. New boarders are mounted between the member states and the number of refugees moving into the continent is a topic of many political discussions. Every day we can read new stories about people who don’t trust in the future of Europe any more. In this crucial situation, we as partners of this project consider it as most important to bring young people together to work and think on a future for Europe. In this context, we have chosen theatre as a way to express this topic.Theatre is in the central of this project to improve our students’s self-confidence and basic skills. According to observation of OECD reports about basic skills, current articles of the academicians and the negotiation of the chosen partners’ observation and analysis of their students, lack of basic skills and self-confidence affect pupils highly in means of success in education so in life. Therefore we framed our project on improving basic skills, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity; improved levels of skills for employability as also defined important priorities of EU Erasmus+ programme.To battle with the weakness of basic skills, as the partners of this project we decided to develop our students’ basic skills, self-confidence and provide them opportunities for international interaction, participation in multiple events and self-expression. Since the theatre is an art that includes many features of art, we aimed to improve basic skills of our students with the effect of this project. The students will improve their artistic skills by acting in the theatre plays as well as their literacy and writing skills by writing the scripts. Moreover, they will develop their ICT skills by recording and editing videos as well as their language skills by using English both in writing scripts and performing. The students and teenagers including the ones with fewer opportunities will be our main actors and they will be in the center of all stages when the teachers will be supervisors in the project. Our basic aim is to provide an activity for every single student in school and peer environment apart from ordinary school programme. We have to include everyone in a way that everybody will be able to show an ability to improve his/her self-esteem, self-confidence so feel acceptance in social life. We knew from out experiences that anyone who join and perform something to the peers, become different from earlier. A single event may change a students if we provide facilities. This project has been created by the negotiation and agreement of all partners. The partners are from PT, RO, HU, IT, TR These partners are chosen among several organizations from different countries all over Europe as they are the most convenient partners for the project theme. OBJECTIVES1. to improve our students basic skills and self-confidence2. to improve pupils’ social skills and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship3. to practice and perform sketches and two plays on the stage 4. to develop enthusiasm for theatre among students5. to encourage the learning of modern foreign languages and ICT skills6. to improve pupil`s international interaction, participation in multiple events, self-expression and social skills7. to support student`s school and life success.NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTSStudents/teenagers: There will be teams of 30 students in each partner organization so 150 in total will take part actively in project activities. Approximately 1200 students/teenagers will indirectly be affected. Teachers/Adults: There will be teams of 5 teachers in each partner organization so 30 in total will take actively in project activities. There will be a teacher of English,Music,a Psychological Counselor, an ICT teacher and a PE teacher/trainer. Approximately 150 teachers/adults will indirectly be affected.Administrative staff: The head-teacher/chairman and a deputy head will take part in the project, Approximately 36 administrative staff will indirectly be affected.RESULTS AND IMPACTSThrough our project the six partners intend to create both short-term and long-term tangible and intangible results and to achieve the biggest possible impact to future projects and policy processes such as leading students to overcome lack of self-esteem, setting up the project website in order to provide continuous access to the general information of the project activities, progress and results, writing newspaper reports and creating on-site panels or leaflets to inform non-specialist audience about the project’s background and main results, arranging a multiplier event, communication, and cognitive skills of at risk students, cultivating effective partnerships between trainers, educators, and community organizations so as to amplify our impact.

EU Grant (Eur)

Funding of the project from EU: 127207 Eur

Project Coordinator

Escola Profissional da Horta & Country: PT

Project Partners

  • Liceul Teoretic Jean Louis Calderon
  • Szerencsi Szakképzési Centrum Tokaji Ferenc Gimnáziuma és Szakgimnáziuma
  • Istituto Omicomprensivo “Ridolfi- Zimarino”