Stand Against Bullying Through Arts Erasmus Project

General information for the Stand Against Bullying Through Arts Erasmus Project

Stand Against Bullying Through Arts  Erasmus Project
July 7, 2020 12:00 am

Project Title

Stand Against Bullying Through Arts

Project Key Action

This project related with these key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Project Action Type

This project related with this action type : Strategic Partnerships for school education

Project Call Year

This project’s Call Year is 2018

Project Topics

This project is related with these Project Topics: Inclusion – equity; Early School Leaving / combating failure in education; Access for disadvantaged

Project Summary

All the partner institutions- schools (RO, LT) training institute ( GR) , NGOs ( RO, BG) , and enterprise engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility ( SP) faced with bullying in schools, with inefficient national efforts against bullying and the need for new strategies in order to deal with it. A part of the students our partners work with belong to vulnerable groups and usually they are the main victims of bullying
The project had as target group teachers, trainers, youth workers, involved in school education. Each partner has identified the needs of his own target group to acquire new strategies against bullying and on the other hand to share the strategies each partner is using, enhancing European experience to stand against bullying. Each partner has noticed increasing aggressiveness among students both in real and virtual world; on the other hand all partners have noticed that arts have the power to diminish aggressiveness.
The project aimed to develop a strong cooperation at European level among the partner institutions involved in against bullying.
Project Objectives
1. To improve the professional capacity of each partner organization through European collaboration, acquiring new strategies and non-formal methods to stand against bullying, social exclusion and early school leaving with the means of 4 Short-term joint staff training events.
2. To raise awareness against bullying through 2 Bullying Makeover Events organized by each partner
3. To eliminate bullying behavior through Arts organizing 2 Arts Festivals “STAND AGAINST BULLYING THROUGH ARTS”, held in two consecutive years in each country
4. To strength the networking among partners developing a new learning e-tool – “STAND AGAINST BULLYING THROUGH ARTS”, a web TV channel as a true resource of international value, bringing together the best European practices against bullying and its consequences
The objectives have been achieved through:
* 4 Short-term joint staff training events during which the target groups of each partner learnt:
-How to use theater of the oppressed against bullying changing aggressive behaviors and attitudes of those who bully towards those who are bullied , against early school leaving and to stimulate social inclusion of students from vulnerable groups through arts
– How to create video products against bullying and its consequences – in terms of digital skills, linguistic competences and knowledge
– How to use flash mob & street painting, cartoons, stencil graffiti, fanzine, engraving in black and white with linoleum, mail art with messages against bullying
– How to use sport against bulling, how to use the therapy of recovery through cooking, bread and arts making, Reiki or Yoga workshops
* 2 Bullying Makeover Events using non-formal methods acquired during the 4 Short-term joint staff training events.
*Arts Festival/yearly using theater of the oppressed, music, dance
* “STANDING AGAINST BULLYING THROUGH ARTS ”, the web TV channel as digital network among partner organizations was used to upload new resources for schools and NGO staff, teachers, students, youth workers, interested organizations and individuals.
The project impact on the teachers, trainers, youth workers was very strong. They acquired digital competences and artistic practices, created ICT resources, acquired competences to train students to stand against bullying , early school leaving and for social inclusion, competences to train students who bully to change their behaviors, to train teachers / colleagues to stand against bullying
Also, the project had a great impact on students too. They became more capable to stand against bullying and the bully students became able to change their aggressive behaviors
The partner organizations improved their professional capacity acquiring new strategies and practice to stand against bullying; became able to organize a wide range of events bringing innovative methods of combating bullying and early school leaving, of forming students more tolerant and more involved in the community life, of including those belonging to disadvantaged background
Due to the project, parents were together with teachers against bullying, to strength the networking among parents, school and teachers.
Maintaining the WEB TV after the project end and invited new schools, institutions involved in school education, students, teachers as users and journalists ,the project results (articles, video products regarding flash mob & street painting, cartoons, stencil graffiti, fanzine, engraving in black and white with linoleum, mail art with messages, new sport games , plays of theater, designs of activities ) will be used by many institutions working in school education after the end of the project. Also, Bullying Makeover Events and Arts Festivals will become a tradition in bulling prevention and intervention

EU Grant (Eur)

Funding of the project from EU: 105555 Eur

Project Coordinator

Association for Intercultural Dialogue & Country: RO

Project Partners

  • Colegiul National Vlaicu Voda
  • Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie
  • Silales r. Laukuvos Norberto Veliaus gimnazija