HERSUS VENICE blended event – E2, C2, M2 /// Zoom Registration Open

From the November 18th to November 26th, HERSUS…
HERSUS VENICE blended event – E2, C2, M2 /// Zoom Registration Open
November 17, 2021 10:52 pm

From the November 18th to November 26th, HERSUS Consortium would like to welcome you to the second Project event series: 

  • Multiplier Event (E2) – The presentation of completed Intellectual outputs: Study – Questionnaire for the State of Art (IO2), Statements for Teaching through Design for Sustainability of the Built Environment and Heritage Awareness (IO3), and launching of beta version of HERSUS Sharing Platform (IO4),
  • Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (C2) – Student Workshop 1: Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas followed by series of thematic lectures in a form of Seminar, and
  • Transnational Project Meeting (M2) – First design and development meeting of HERSUS Consortium.

Activities E2 and Seminar within C2 are open to the general public, while C2 Student Workshop will involve selected students from all HERSUS Consortium schools and activity M2 will involve consortium members. 

This Event series will be hosted by the Iuav University of Venice, supported by all participating Higher education institutions, and will be organized in blended form – live in Venice and Vicenza, and online via the Zoom platform. 

The full agenda of events you can find following:


In the HERSUS INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR – Sustainable reconstruction in urban areas, five international speakers will discuss the Sustainable Reconstruction of European Cultural Heritage in urban areas, addressing the topic from multiple aspects and points of view. The themes of Cultural Heritage and Sustainability in the urban context will be presented both in a tangible and intangible sense. From an idea of Urban Areas as built heritage and collective perception, the Seminar intends to reflect on good practices cases and operative tools. Lectures aim to increase both students’, academic’ and general public awareness of the Cultural Heritage and Sustainability concepts.


  • Contemporary Urban Ecologies: Architecture for the Cyborg Society – Ana Nikezić, HERSUS UB-FA Team
  • Creativity and City. A narrative on alternative urban transformation – María F. Carrascal Pérez, HERSUS USE-CREhAR Team
  • The role of the adaptive reuse of listed settlements as a strategy for sustainable housing (re)development –Andreas Savvides, HERSUS UCY Team
  • Between the World and Earth: a necessary reconciliation. The role of the restoration project, Chiara Occelli, PoliTO – HERSUS Iuav Team
  • From recupero to reurbanism via regeneration. Urban heritage within sustainable urban design approaches, Athina Vitopoulou, HERSUS AUTh Team

The second Multiplier event, HERSUS Presentation of the Professional Profile, is planned in the sense of interactive and collaborative meeting bringing together associate partners of HERSUS, as well as the professional and academic community. The main objective is to disseminate the results of the completed Intellectual Outputs 2 and 3, which will provide a framework for the future professional profile of architectural and urban designer for sustainable heritage.

Within this session HERSUS Consortium will launch the beta version of Intellectual Output 4 – HERSUS Sharing Platform.


  • Institutional Greeting –  Emanuela Sorbo, Enrico Anguillari –  HERSUS Iuav Team, Valentina Fanti, General Secretary – Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of Venice
  • General presentation of the HERSUS project, Vladan Djokić, HERSUS UBFA Team
  • Questionnaire for the State of Art – Konstantinos Sakantamis, Angeliki Chatzidimitriou, HERSUS AUTh Team
  • Statements for Teaching through Design for Sustainability of the Built Environment and Heritage Awareness, Ana Nikezić, Nataša Ćuković Ignjatović, Mladen Pešić, UBFA Team
  • HERSUS Sharing Platform introduction, Presentation and Launch, Emanuela Sorbo, Enrico Anguillari, Irene Sgarro –  HERSUS Iuav Team
(19th of November, 2021)

(25th of November, 2021)